In 2019, Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor, two friends with a passion for ink, decided to create a better solution for tattoo aftercare. They wanted to help people preserve their tattoos for years by maintaining vibrancy and minimizing the effects of aging.

Mad Rabbit implemented RechargeSMS to offer maximum flexibility

Mad Rabbit makes effective yet simple tattoo aftercare products—like tattoo balm and soothing gel—with clean, plant-based ingredients. Their products embody the basics of holistic healing and are made without processed or artificial ingredients.

“Blue Stout and Recharge have helped reduce our churn rates by designing a subscription program and site that lets our customers easily update their subscriptions products and frequency. Canceled subscriptions have decreased with more customers choosing to skip or swap an order.”

Selom Agbitor

Co-Founder of Mad Rabbit Tattoo


Since people adhere to a regular aftercare regimen following a new tattoo, Mad Rabbit decided to offer their products on a subscription. With their subscription, customers always have products available to take care of their new tattoos, plus they enjoy 25% off products.

    Mad Rabbit’s previous subscription platform did not allow customers much flexibility. Once they selected a delivery frequency, customers were locked into that cadence. As their tattoos healed, customers wanted to change the frequency or delay an order. Unable to quickly make changes, they were leaving the subscription altogether instead.
      Plus, with Mad Rabbit’s growing line of new products and bundles, customers were eager to try more. They wanted the ability to expand their subscription by adding one-time products to their orders.

      Mad Rabbit implemented RechargeSMS to offer maximum flexibility


To build a more robust subscription program, Mad Rabbit partnered with Blue Stout, a design and development agency specializing in building and scaling ecommerce businesses.

    To meet customer needs, Blue Stout migrated Mad Rabbit to Recharge and integrated subscription management into Mad Rabbit’s site. With Recharge’s APIs, they built a customer portal so that customers can choose their delivery frequency. Plus, Blue Stout added education to their product pages—allowing customers to determine the exact frequency they will need products based on their tattoo coverage. With this extra information, customers can choose the right plan and are less likely to cancel their subscription due to having too much product.
      In addition to adjusting the frequency, customers can also swap scents and add one-time products to their order in the portal. Finally, Mad Rabbit utilized RechargeSMS to offer customers maximum flexibility. With this transactional SMS tool, Mad Rabbit’s subscribers can easily manage their orders with just a quick text, and make changes without logging in to their account on a computer.


Within the new customer portal, Mad Rabbit subscribers can take control of their subscriptions. Customers are empowered to make adjustments themselves—in fact, Mad Rabbit saw eight actions taken per month per customer.

    And, instead of canceling their subscription when they have too much product, 19% of customers have chosen to skip or swap an order. Mad Rabbit has also driven customer retention with RechargeSMS—8% of their active customers engage with RechargeSMS vs. 1% of customers who have cancelled. Active subscribers use this tool to manage their subscriptions on the go. In total, Mad Rabbit has seen 200,000 total actions taken by their customers.

“As Mad Rabbit has continued to scale quickly, providing customers more flexible subscription management features has been key for reducing customer churn. Recharge has been the perfect solution.”

Allen Burt

Founder & CEO, BlueStout