As a college athlete, Jordan DeCicco started making his coffee after finding that ready-to-drink caffeinated beverages were loaded with sugar. His concoction, brewed with protein and coconut oil, was popular with his teammates. Seeing the potential, his two older brothers, Jordan and Jim, moved into Jordan’s basement, and the trio set out to bring the coffee alternative to the world.

Super Coffee grew revenue by positioning their site for subscriptions

Today, Super Coffee offers drinks made with zero sugar, blended with MCT oil to support brain function, and protein to build strength. They also make naturally-sweetened creamers and coffee grounds enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants.

“Subscriptions are a solid base of business that you can build on top of.”

Ben Knox

SVP of Digital, Super Coffee


While Super Coffee had a subscription program, they weren’t seeing many customers sign up. Super Coffee’s website didn’t highlight their offering—it didn’t have informative product pages or call out the subscription program. Super Coffee knew that retention and lifetime value are dramatically better for subscribers vs. one-time customers. So they decided to invest in further optimizing their program and website for subscriptions.

    Super Coffee also wanted to simplify subscription management—it was one of the top reasons customers were canceling.

    Super Coffee grew revenue by positioning their site for subscriptions


To drive more customers towards the program, Super Coffee redesigned their website for a subscription point of purchase. They added a Subscribe & Save button to the top navigation banner, so all website visitors immediately see the program. Additionally, they built detailed product pages to give customers extra information about each product. And, they made subscription the default selection, highlighting how much a customer saves with the program.

    Super Coffee created a dedicated Subscribe & Save page to walk customers through the values and benefits. The page takes customers directly into a shopping experience where they can start building and customizing their subscriptions.
      Finally, Super Coffee implemented RechargeSMS to provide customers maximum flexibility. With RechargeSMS, customers can adjust their subscriptions with a simple text message, whether it’s skipping an order or swapping a product.


Through investing in their subscription program, Super Coffee built a valuable, loyal customer base—their subscribers have 3x more lifetime value than their one-time customers. And their subscribers tend to stick around. Subscribers also have 4x higher retention.

    By positioning the customer experience around subscriptions, Super Coffee saw major growth in their program. Their subscription revenue has increased to its highest month in history, rising 50% from January 2020.

“RechargeSMS enables our customers to do everything they would be able to do on our site, but seamlessly and without any frustration.”

Ben Knox

SVP of Digital, Super Coffee