MaryRuth Ghiyam is a certified health educator, nutritional consultant, and culinary chef. After the sudden passing of her brother and father, she traveled the country to learn about the body’s path to heal itself. Shortly after, she started a health coaching practice, which led to her realizing there was a gap in the supplements market. In 2014, MaryRuth created a liquid multivitamin for her coaching clients, friends, and family, and MaryRuth's was born.

MaryRuth’s doubled lifetime value of subscribers

Fast forward to today, MaryRuth’s has over 100 incredible employees and the brand offers over 130 products to help people live a healthier life. MaryRuth’s makes vegan, non-GMO supplements with a focus on liquid and gummy options, skincare and beauty products, and has plans to expand into other categories. The company prides itself on exceptional customer service, with MaryRuth herself personally responding to hundreds of messages every week.

“We have more subscribers now and continue to grow them on a monthly basis.”

Jayesh Karvir

Website Director, MaryRuth’s


With their prior subscription solution, MaryRuth’s was frequently questioning the reported data. It didn’t match what their analytics showed, and they often had to double-check it manually. They needed a subscription solution with advanced and accurate analytics to assess results and optimize their business.

    They also needed a solution that supported multiple integrations and seamlessly connected with their existing tools. They were looking to improve the end experience for the customer and their internal teams working behind the scenes.

    MaryRuth’s doubled lifetime value of subscribers


MaryRuth’s partnered with SeaMonster Studios, a full-service digital agency, to migrate to Recharge. SeaMonster Studios consulted with the Recharge Migrations team and MaryRuth’s data administrators to consume and transform a massive set of subscriber data from the previous subscription solution to Recharge.

    MaryRuth’s built a customer portal on Recharge so that customers could manage their subscriptions. Before migrating, they had almost 12,000 pending requests from customers looking to make changes, like adding a product or adjusting their delivery frequency. Now, customers can quickly and immediately implement changes within the new portal without contacting support.
      In addition to streamlining subscription management, MaryRuth’s also saw improvement in developer time. Recharge’s analytics suite gave actionable insights into key performance indicators like churn rates and average order value (AOV).


With 30% of their revenue coming from subscriptions, MaryRuth’s needed a reliable solution to continue scaling. With Recharge, MaryRuth’s can quickly access accurate data.

    For example, if someone on the MaryRuth’s team wants to know how many people are subscribed to a particular product, they can quickly pull the data from Recharge. Previously, locating this information was a lengthy process and used up their developer’s time. With Recharge, MaryRuth’s can get insights much more quickly, streamlining business processes and optimizing developer time.
      MaryRuth’s plans to use the robust analytics available through Recharge to continue improving its subscription offering.

“We can quickly access insights in Recharge. Something that used to take a day for us, we can now do in ten minutes.”

Jayesh Karvir

Website Director, MaryRuth’s